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Botanica Bohemia

Cannabis Regenerating ointment 120ml
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Cannabis regenerating ointment with hemp oil 120mlHemp regenerative ointment with hemp oil to care for dry and cracked skin.It also helps to soften the skin and restore its protective barrier.Skin Tested..
Botanica Bohemia - premium hair shampoo with cannabis oil 200 mlFine hair shampoo suitable for all hair types. Special formula contributes to high quality hair care, skin hygiene and vitality. Thanks to the original cannabis seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L., Angiospermae) formula, which acts as a natura..
Botanica Bohemia - Premium Fine Soap 100gr with Hemp OilGentle toilet soap with glycerin and quality oil from the seeds of hemp (Cannabis sativa L. Angiospermae).Gently and effectively cleanses the skin all over the body without the excessive drying.Skin Tested..
Creamy Shower Gel with Cannabis Oil - 200 mlThe shower gel contains high quality cannabis seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L., Angiospermae), which acts as a natural emollient, softens the action of detergents on the skin and helps keep it naturally soft and soft. Rich foam is suitable for everyday use, ge..
Botanica Bohemia - premium body milk with cannabis oil 200 mlBody milk is enriched with cannabis seed oil (Cannabis Sativa L., Angiospermae), which acts as natural emollient and helps keep the skin naturally soft and soft. It also contains special moisturizing oily ingredients, a mixture of vitamins..
Botanica Bohemia - Premium Bath Salt with Cannabis Oil 320 grPremium bath salt from a range of cosmetics with natural ingredients for treating a beneficial bath. It is prepared as a unique combination of high quality cannabis oil (Cannabis Sativa L., Angiospermae), which acts as a natural emollient,..
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